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The future is full of imagination and possibilities. At RJ Technology, we dream of a new digital life style which connects technology with culture & art. Our vision is to offer a variety of audio-video electronics with the most state-of art technology & design of unique artistic, cultural, furniture-like flavor. We believe that the dialogue between technology and culture not only brings a brand new sensational experience but also a spiritual enjoyment and lifestyle as a resonance of different cultural communities to the product. Our next step is to blend A/V products with pro-environmental technology. We believe that we have a responsibility to our environment. With these long terms goals in mind, we want to participate and offer what we can as a part of the global community.


We are a creative team and we are dedicated to offering our customers with high-quality home entertainment products. We specialize in a variety of A/V product to offer a total solution to our customers: Soundbar system, media players, karaoke players, digital recording system and digital photo frames.


We provide Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. We can make the products according to your specifications. If you would like to take advantage of our manufacturing strength to increase your product offerings, our skillful engineers and technicians are standing by.

Your business orders are carefully handled through our head office in Los Angeles, California. Deliveries can be arranged from Shenzhen, Hong Kong ports in China to any port of your choice.

We are committed to provide the end users the ultimate comfort and reliability of using our products. Our products are designed and manufactured by our ISO 9001 certified factory in China. Each item we sell in the U.S carries one-year manufacture warranty.

We offer our products with high quality at competitive prices.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.