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Frequently ask Question:

Q: What's a CD+G?
A: CD+G stands for Compact Disc + Graphics. A CD+G is different from a regular
CD because it has an additional line of information on the CD for the Karaoke graphics.
A regular music CD does not have this.

Q: What is Vocal or R/L functions for ?
A: While playing a CD+G disk or any VCD music disk with different kinds of languages.
This function will enable to mute singer's sound by letting background sound playing
or listen to the original singer's sound. This feature is very helpful for bigginer.

Q: How do I remove the vocals from my Karaoke CD+G's or VCD's?
A: To remove vocals from Multiplex CD+G's, you need one of our machines with the Vocal Cancel,
Vocal Cancel mutes out the lead vocal on Multiplex tracks. This is done by canceling out
the whole left channel (where the vocals are coded), and splitting the right channel
(with no vocals) to both sides.

Q: What is a Digital Key Controller?
A: A Digital Key Controller allows the singer to transpose the Karaoke Music into their
desired key without effecting the tempo.

Q: What is Echo?
A: Echo is what makes the vocals on records and on the radio have that professional sound.
It's a very popular effect with singers. It gives the vocals a very ambient quality.
A little Echo is definitely a great effect on most vocals, but not necessary for all occasions.

Q: How can I avoid microphone feedback?
A: There are a couple ways to avoid microphone feedback. First and foremost, keep the microphone
pointed away from and as far from the speakers as feasible. If the Mic is too close or pointed
to the speakers a feedback loop is inevitable. Also too much treble on either the Mic channel
or system output can cause feedback. Try dropping the treble and check if setting is OK with
desired sound.

Q: What is the best type of microphone for me to use for doing Karaoke?
A: Too be honest, a general good quality microphone is fine for doing Karaoke. There are uni-
directional, bi-directional, condenser, wired, wireless and other types of Mics, however,
it usually comes down to personal taste when it comes to which Mic sounds best.

Q: How do I connect video to my TV when it has no video input?
A: There are two ways to accomplish this.
1) Obtain a RF Modulator and plug the video output from your video source into it, and connect
     the RF modulator to your TV.
2) Connect the video output from your video source to the video input of as VCR.
     Use the "antenna out" or "out to TV" jack, and connect a cable to the "antenna in" on your TV.

Q: What happend if you don't hear any Microphone sound?
A: Please check with the volume of the Mic and also the Echo sound.
For more informations about our Glossary. Please check Glossary ===> link to this website

Q: What happend if I plugged Mic and the Mic sound still doesn't come out?
Example for RJ-3900
A: There are a few steps that need to check :
1)Please check the "Mic on/off" on the player panel is "ON" or "Karaoke Mode"
2)Please check the "Mic" knobs on the panel is turn clockwise with "Maximum" volume
3)Please make sure the "Echo" button on the remote is "On" then press the
    echo volume to around level 10. Once you get the sound, you may adjust to
    the suitable echo volume you require.

Q: What happend if my RJ-1500DVXII or other players doesn't have "Video" or "picture"
if I plugged all of the connections right?
A: 1)Please make sure if you plugged the RCA cable right, the "yellow" connection go to the "Video"
        the "White" and " Red" got to Audio.
    2)Please make sure your TV is in "Video" format or right Video input.
    3)Lastly, please press "Vmode" button on the remote control to switch back to the right "Video" signal.
       Once you switch back to the right signal, you will be able to see RJTech company logo.

If the above FAQ still can't solve your problems,please feel free to call us
at 909 6279888 Technical support